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Early reports suggested Gloria might be paralyzed for life, and would be unlikely to deliver another child. Approximate running time: 2 hours and 15 minutes including one intermission."I never even thought about getting back onstage after my accident," she says.

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Now, she was helping to care for her father, a Vietnam vet suffering from exposure to Agent Orange. That summer, her mom dragged her to a wedding - Dad was too sick to go. I never went to parties - it was magical - twinkle lights and this band playing . LOVE LETTERS As jukebox musicals go, "On Your Feet!

At the reception, a band featured a guy playing "The Hustle" on accordion. " boasts an enviable creative roster, including original band members, who play onstage, and wordsmith Alex Dinelaris.

Their bootstrap success story is the subject of "On Your Feet!

" opening at Playhouse Square's Connor Palace Tuesday.

At heart, it's a love story about two kids in search of the American dream who found each other along the way. MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER Gloria was 17, a senior in high school went she first laid eyes on Emilio in a friend's basement.