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We have added some features and popular keywords to ensure that the interaction does not see non-human,” said Anjali Hegde, CEO, Ansible India.She further added, “The Rex Bot has generated a fair amount of interest in the RB global system.

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It was hoped that this could free up GP time by reassuring patients when their symptoms don’t need medical intervention and directing them to a pharmacist or on how to self-care.

The app has already been trialled in parts of the capital as a possible alternative to the NHS 111 telephone service, where patients explain their symptoms to a call handler who directs them to the best service.

Babylon is one of a growing number of digital health start-ups offering a private GP service.

It offers consultation via video and chat features for a monthly subscription.

But now, you can find out just how bad the air is in your city with just one chat message on FB Messenger.