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To test out whether any kind of matching service could compare to my usual method of asking girls for a drink at a party, I hooked up with the professional matchmakers at San Francisco’s It’s Just Lunch.

For somewhere north of $1,500, they hand-select from among their well-paying members for a hot date at one of the city’s chic restaurants (IJL gave me a media pass to try out the service).

I ended up back at bachelorhood after a long and expensive trek through computer-aided love services; I decided to look for love on the Internet mainly to test the hypothesis behind a blistering 50-page critique of hyped up promise of dating websites.

“The heavy emphasis on profile browsing at most dating sites has considerable downsides, and there is little reason to believe that current compatibility algorithms are especially effective,” explained the team behind an article published in .

The organization's founder started an international conservation organization and has been managing that full-time since 2009.