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Deb/Jane usually avoids suspicion by claiming the shooting affected her memory.

Initially, Deb struggled to adjust to Jane's size 16 body by refusing snacks and being horrified when she found out Jane is eight years older.

Nick zano dating

She was forbidden from telling him her true identity by Fred, who warns her that she is already in trouble for being back on Earth in the first place.

A romance between Grayson and Jane starts to develop but is interrupted when Jane's husband Ethan arrives.

Jane eventually confesses to Grayson, who has some trouble accepting it. When Grayson is shot, he plans to propose to Jane but dies in the hospital.

He is reborn into the body of Ian Holt, a Death Row inmate whose innocence Jane proves.

At the same time, when Deb pressed the return button in Heaven, her soul entered Jane's body and she struggles to balance her identity along with the Old Jane's.