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There is an expectation of men, especially successful men, that when they achieve a certain standing and status in society, the least they should be able to do is attract a woman. What is it about performing heart surgery, running a corporation, and meeting a woman that we find similar? Believes that women should be flocking to him for the sole reason of his success.

If someone is a great pianist, we don’t expect him to also be a great chef, do we? Of course he should be able to meet women, by virtue of his success. When they don’t, these men assume something is wrong with the women.

There is something about the words “dating coach” that disturbs many men.

Whereas women gobble up tons of pounds of self-help literature, men prefer to take stabs in the darkness when it comes to dating advice, and go at it alone.

What went wrong in their upbringing that they are not successful in dating like the rest of us?