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Instead of thinking about the lines on my face, I think about the line I'm going to write next.I've been sleeping for days Wishing I was somewhere else How many times have they tried to wake me Some they want to save you, some they want to drag you down...I let them be, it's ok if they get hurt, every blow is making them stronger. The witch was probably a princess once who got tried of her prince coming off his high horse and 'saving her'.

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On motherhood: It's a life changing experience, the time when you experience love in all its glory and the pain.

You will never be the same again and the invisible chord never breaks, but it's a good thing.

To attain equality for women in India, you have to work twice as hard as men.

On humour: I was brought up in a humorous family where we would laugh at everything; look for the absurd in the tragic - which is the thing that keeps you going - to see the funny side of politicians and everyday life. If you can make someone laugh, you can change their perspective.

Alain de Bottoin said love is an enthusiasm, not a skill, so then you won't get swept off your feet.