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Appeared on 1,000 radio and television shows, and lecture world wide on speed reading and accelerated learning. Do you remember how we use to play punch ball, double dutch, skelly. Louis After attending the funeral of my 96 year old grandmother, in Brooklyn, my mom and I went to see ENY. The trees,that were twigs when we were growing up, have bloomed into magnificent landscapes. Maybe we should all get together sometime in the future and talk about East New York in the 1980's and 1990's. My friend James Chestnutt still lives at 185 Wortman Avenue in East New York.

Would love to correspond with my those from the old neighborhood. Sit out on the benches and play those 45's record (laugh) I know some of you know what I'm talking about. It was almost impossible for us to see the other buildings. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ALL WHO REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO PLAY BALL, EAT REAL FOOD, AND LEAVE YOUR DOOR OPEN. randi tessenholtz USA - Saturday, July 29, 2000 at (CDT) Found a few old friends here.... Marc Wolf PLEASE UNDERSTAND THOSE FROM THE PINK HOUSES ARE EXCITED TO HAVE FOUND THIS AND WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD ALLOW US TO USE THIS AS IF WE WERE YOUR NEIGHBORS IN YOUR PROJECTS. I hung out with howard raskin, jay goldberg, robert glenn and larry marchluk. David Stein This site is brings back great memories. I lived at 881 scheck ave from 1951 to 1968 wuth my brother Richard(Dickey) and went to PS 273, Gershwin and Jefferson(class of '67). The Internet has truly open up many people's eyes in this new century. GEORGE BANNER It is amazing to see East New York in the 1960's and how stable it was then. GEORGE BANNER i lived at 767 miller ave, between new lots and hegeman. looking for the crowd from miller avenue and around the neighborhood: eddie foster, arthur zachary, iris baum, and anyone who was in the 7sp and 9sp at gershwin during 58 and 59.

LOOKING FOR EVELYN ARONSON, MARSHA FIRESTONE, SHEILA DENNISON, JUDY MAZIN, I moved to SUNRISE, FL. Jordan Rothkopf Not sure my last message was posted. Met with Wndy cohen Friedman and Ellen Rosen Davis a few weeks ago, what a magical night. Wndy: if this message gets posted I need your new telephone number and email.

D GREW UP ON A STREET CALLED WHITTY LANE, OFF KINGS HIGHWAY. I garduated Jeff n '66 and lived at 300 Wortman Avenue with my brother Ken Stark Caryn Stark Haven't signed on in a long time. For Wendy Cohen Friedman: I need your new telephone number and email.

I see alot of new people logging in all the time...quite a few of you mention PS 190 and Gerswhin......please visit for Gershwin and dont just visit post a may run into some old friends.. SOME OF MY NEIGHBORS WERE, GERRY ZARIN, JERRY AND HARRIET CLARK, LOIS HABER, DEANNA AND SANDY GOLDTEIN, SHEILA AND ROBERT GOTTLIEB, CAROLE BOOKSTABER. ANITA BIGMAN (GOLDSTEIN)amboy Grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York and I lived at 172 Amboy Street until 1957. ), Fran Gastwirth and Al Shay, Joannie Uzimekis (best nurse in Brooklyn! Those links help our friends find this site, but they also attract the attention of those who just want to cause trouble or post profanities all over the Internet.