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They have different services all around the country, in hotel convention/dining halls.

The one that Justin was attending was the same on my former friend attended, at some hotel in Beverly Hills.

The band of bikers comprised Pastor Nick Korir, Mbeche Alwanga, John Kithinji, Mburu Ngugi, George Mbuvi Mwongela, Moses Nderitu and Danzo Mutunga.

It has been 4 years since the Jubilee South ride and I meet Pastor Nick at a Java coffee house in Valley arcade, Nairobi for an interview.

That probably earned him honour of the first Kenyan pastor to have ever ridden to Cape of Agulhas and back to Nairobi through 12 countries covering a total mileage of 23 000kms.

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    Two weeks later, Pastor Nick returned to the production office with an adventurer named Florian Keller who was about to embark on a 40,000 km journey in a 1997 Turbodiesel Toyota Land Cruiser, for 200 days, through 26 countries around the world, from Nairobi to Rio de Janeiro in time for the football World Cup in 2014 in Brasil.